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what is this all about?

Creating a Truly Personal Book

Like many parents, Senem wanted to find a personalized book that truly got her daughter engaged in reading. She sampled many from the internet and found that they only briefly held her daughters attention. Outside of her name being in them, the book could have been about anyone.

She wanted to find a way to put the “person” back in “personalized” and create a book that captured the heart of her daughter Maya. A story that highlighted Maya’s creativity and showed the world through her eyes. She decided to collect ten of her daughter’s drawings and wrote a simple plot to go with them. She had it printed and transformed her daughter’s artwork into a one of a kind book. When Maya received it her eyes lit up, her little fingers excitedly turned the pages and she was filled with wonder and amazement. Shocked that this book was full of HER art, with HER name on it. She was beaming.

Maya proudly brought it to school to share with her teachers and friends. The book was unexpected, original and brought a smile to everyone’s face. What’s more, Senem had found a different way to preserve and cherish these memories. Instead of stacking Maya’s artwork away in a keepsake box, she now had a beautiful book to neatly display and treasure these moments forever.

A Lucky Encounter
Senem, Maya’s Mom, came from Turkey. With an expertise in marketing and a special talent for teaching, she worked as a consultant to small business entrepreneurs. Cristina, a Brazilian administrator with an operational background, recently moved back to the US in order to start a new chapter of her life. Itching to return to the hustle and grind of entrepreneurship, Cristina sought out professional consulting. Luck would have it she was about to find her future business partner!

Despite being born in distant countries, and in different eras, Senem and Cristina instantly became close friends and remained so long after their professional relationship had completed. They had a lot in common: two loving mothers and tough workers eager to start something new-- a project that would be meaningful to themselves and to others.

Senem had picked up her book for her daughter on the way to one of her lunch dates with Cristina. She could not have imagined Cristina’s reaction when she saw Maya’s book lying on the table. Much less the thrilling series of events that would soon follow this apparently trivial moment.

The Birth of Piccuzoo
When Cristina saw Maya’s book she instantly saw the possibilities: envisioning a project that could help families everywhere celebrate their child’s artistic milestones in a new and exciting way. Why not create a platform to allow people to have the same experience in a very accessible and efficient way? The idea of using the digital world to offer a real product with a personal, human touch was appealing to them.

The seed of creativity had been planted, sprouting into a new type of customized children’s book. Within a year, two other partners joined their project with enthusiasm: Ulisses and Octavio. Brazilian developers with over 15 years of innovative technical design, revered in the digital market for their insights and skills. Their concept quickly blossomed.

Unwavering dedication, passion for children and faith in the bonds of family and friendship brought this powerful team together. If you believe as we do that people are destined to be storytellers and memory keepers, you’re in the right place. Surprise a child you love and nourish the one that still lives inside of you: try Piccuzoo today and watch your stories come to life!