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Yoyo’s Art Party

Get ready for an incredible art adventure, starring your child’s art! Your child will read along as Yoyo the unicorn searches the globe, high and low, for the best art pieces for her art show. Colorful illustrations and a charming story highlight Yoyo’s search as she discovers each work of art in a unique and creative place. Each art piece she finds (that your child created!) is described in detail in the story, along with the surprising location of each one!

Kids will love reading the story, seeing
their hard work featured, and watching
the celebration around their original art
at the end of the adventure.


More titles coming soon!

Sheldon’s Sidewalk Adventure

What seems like a hop and
a skip to us, probably feels
like a epic adventure to a

Tippy the Rocket Ship

Tippy was no ordinary rocket
ship. Tippy was built to do one

Billows Imagination Book

Have you ever looked up at
the clouds and thought that
they looked like shapes or
even pictures?

Clarence Come Home

Clarence was a lost puppy.
One night, he had gotten
scared from lightning and ran
away into the city...

Each Piccuzoo book features:

Your child’s art at the center
of our original story.

An art-filled adventure
custom-written to match
your art.

A personal dedication.

A full-cover cover with your
child’s art and name!


Here’s what everyone is saying:

"Our daughter loved to see her drawings in a real printed book. She was so surprised when she opened the cover. I still cannot forget her saying, "they put my drawings in a book!"

Baris Yagci

"Piccuzoo is a great way to spend some quality time with the little one and capture that moment forever. It's a very special book that she proudly reads aloud and shows her illustrations to all her friends."

Alla Bekkerman

“Our Piccuzoo book is really cool! We got one for our 4-year old daughter, Maeve, and she absolutely loved it. Definitely recommend for anybody with kids who love to draw.”

Kenny Shirley

“I made a Piccuzoo book using the art of my two sons and the end product caused immediate cheer and happiness in our household. Super easy to make and order the book using the website. Excellent memory and a great present for kids, parents, relatives.”

Basak Acan Clements

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for this great product! Now I have a lasting memory of my son’s childhood instead of a pile of paper laying in a plastic bin :)”

Sezen Curgul Buell